Meow! Hello Kitty has a birthday!

So I love me some Hello Kitty. Maybe it’s because I’m Asian, or because I’m a girl, but the HK has always appealed to me in a way that the Care Bears or Cabbage Patch Kids never could. And why would they? Sure they all talk talk talk and have personalities and shit, but they’re the kind of ugly that I can’t get behind. And Hello Kitty is so polite, so kawaii, so good that sometimes I just wanna scream.

This cuteness lends itself to some really freakin’ adorable consumer goods — cell phones, toasters (I have one), even computers. Having just moved into a new place, I’m all about furnishing the joint with cute and useful objects. Fortunately, my roommate seems tolerant of this, and even organized some of my Hello Kitty kitchen wares into a lovely tableau on the kitchen window sill.

My covered rice bowl (the lid looks like her head and has little pointy ears!), a pitcher (I’d say it’s about three apples tall), a pink juicer (the manual kind, and it actually works very well) — these things would look adorable with the pictured clock, which is my new desire. It virtually yelps “Please, Miss Jasmine, put me in your kitchen so you can tell time and be the cutest thing ever in your area code!” And who am I not to answer the call? The clock is on sale for $16.80 at


~ by Jasmine on November 1, 2005.

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