holiday ’05: it’s on

Seriously you guys: I’m not buying Christmas presents this year except for younger siblings and wee children. And when I say “younger siblings”, I mean the ones who do not have jobs. Patrick and Joseline can buy their own damn gift certificates to The Olive Garden, and this year I mean it.

Now that’s my thinking for this holiday season, that season which often fills me with dread of running up more consumer debt instead of the Christmas consumer cheer spread by those folks with decent credit ratings, more than a measly $300 limit on each of their multiple platinum credit cards, and the ability to spend within their generous means. I think back to all those times I demanded my parents buy me an expensive present, insisting that I’ll never ask for anything again. That is, until the next year when I ask for something else expensive and not especially practical or even flattering.

This is why I appreciate cash and the odd novelty gift. Wind up toys, funny books, exotic truffles — the lovely and occasionally useful. Which is the phrase I try to keep in mind when I look for things to write about.

So here we come to this big pink ball. What is it, you ask. It’s an ice cream ball from the folks at RedEnvelope. According to its description, you load it with ice, rock salt, ice cream ingredients, then throw around and/or roll, and voila — a pint of ice cream. $30 seems a reasonable price to pay for something that is both a conversation piece and a kitchen implement, or a tchochke that will most likely see no more action that sitting attractively on a surface.


~ by Jasmine on November 23, 2005.

One Response to “holiday ’05: it’s on”

  1. Funny, I can think of at least 5 people who would appreciate “the ice cream ball”, if not for the ability to throw around a ball full of ice cream, then at least for it’s bigness and redness. Ok, that came out weird…

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