377 *teaser*: let freedom ring

city hall christmas lights
Originally uploaded by missjasmine.

Hi. Remember me? Your friendly Filipino font of all things useless though endlessly entertaining? If Jacalyn were here with me, she’d be saying “It’s about time you got around to writing another flip front. What the hell took you so long?” And I’d have to shrug and tell her the truth: I just didn’t know.

So some time this weekend, maybe even tonight though it’s my last night in Philadelphia and I may go out and do something fun, expect a flip front. Expect the details of exciting meals consumed, boys ogled, movies watched, national monuments admired from afar. It’ll be the usual — I ate this wicked exciting stuff, I miss living on the East Coast blah blah blah — but there might be a bit more about the film Mannequin than you’d expect.

Seriously, you guys, it’s going to be fucking awesome. Totally worth the wait. But if you can’t wait, if you’re absolutely dying to hear from me, just hot for the sound of my voice, check out the audio posts I left at http://gojasmine.blogspot.com. They’re hilarious.


~ by Jasmine on December 3, 2005.

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