cross my heart, hope to…?

The carcass of Christmas ’05 is barely in the ground, and the folks at my local Target have already moved on to Valentine’s Day. Behind the rows of deeply discounted Christmas wrapping paper, synthetic wreaths, and advent calendars lay pink heart-shaped pillows made of fake fur. And that was the classy shit.

I’ve never had a boyfriend, let alone a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. This isn’t my least favorite holiday, but I don’t look forward to it particularly, either. I usually spend the day with my similarly single pals, proclaiming our independence with delicious food and wine. But I’m not ashamed to say that for once I would like to celebrate the holiday with some degree of non-ironic sentiment. I’d like to get a Valentine’s Day card who is actually interested in getting in my pants, sob.

But before I take myself too seriously, let’s take a look at this lovely locket. Brought to us by the always tasteful Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Red Heart Locket was designed after “an engraved niello ornament that appears in a Renaissance book in the Museum’s collection.” The Niello technique and look was popular not only during the Dutch Renaissance, but also in the Victorian era. A history which, I think, speaks as a testament to this lockets classic, romantic style.


~ by Jasmine on January 2, 2006.

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