I’m moving to Iceland! Who’s with me?

Your personality type is SLUAI
You are social, moderately calm, unstructured, moderately accommodating, and intellectual, and may prefer a city which matches those traits.

The largest representation of your personality type can be found in the these U.S. cities: New Orleans, Albuquerque/Santa Fe, Greensboro, Memphis, Providence, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Portland/Salem, St. Louis and these international countries/regions Puerto Rico, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Turkey, Ireland, Ukraine, England, South Africa, Greece, Wales, Brazil, Switzerland, South Korea

What Places In The World Match Your Personality?
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~ by Jasmine on January 19, 2006.

3 Responses to “I’m moving to Iceland! Who’s with me?”

  1. iceland has more alcoholics than any other country. i saw some kind of documentary on it. the “kids” just hang out and booze.

    i’d go, but it didn’t come up as an option for me to move to. india did. the thing also said i was non-intellectual. i was kinda offended, but then it said i should live in orange county so i forgave it.

  2. Hey, this dipshit test just told me I was moderately unintellectual. It also suggested I live in Orange County. Rather than being pleased, I want to reach through my laptop’s screen and cut whoever wrote the test. I’ve never been so insulted in my life.

    I mean it. Just for this, I’m going to read up on physics and theories and shit.

  3. Like Poppy, I am displeased with the test. How did you get DC and I get Phoenix and Oklahoma City? I guess that’s the hell that SCOEIs get consigned to.

    Check out the rest of this loser list: Salt Lake City, Albuquerque/Santa Fe, Providence, Reno, Norfolk, Indianapolis, Seattle/Tacoma, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Denmark, Israel, Argentina, Greece, India, Iceland, Romania, Sweden, China, Turkey, South Africa, Middle East, Japan, Indonesia, Italy.

    Yeah, Indonesia would be great if Chinese people didn’t get murdered there. And Israel, where people get blown up daily. Is there a “We hope you die” hidden here?

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