stuff i love now

Get your hands on a copy of this record before your next date or party. Throw it on and watch your friends proceed to samba though they have never danced a step in their entire lives. Take pictures and send them to me!

I saw this sweater when I was in Brooklyn last weekend but alas, I was not brave enough to buy it for myself. And I don’t think I know anybody who would wear it. Except maybe Khloé because she used to be all about rocking some Soviet gear, but she’s all polished now and tends towards more tailored, Mark Shale-y type stuff (speaking of which, has any of the tens of people who read this ever been to the Mark Shale outlet on Elson? Is it any good?). Anyhoo, I told the girl at the register (the one wearing the Bushwick t-shirt, in case you too were at the Brooklyn Industries store in Cobble Hill on Sunday) that they should have done scarves and leg warmers. This suggestion made her very excited, and prompted her to say that once she is rich and famous she will hire me to be her personal designer. She’d better!

The Brand Affair ladies tee, also from Brooklyn Industries. Cute, no? Cobble Hill is all cute and shit — I wonder how the non-hipster residents can stand it. I’m not trying to hate — I’m just trying to figure out a way to hustle up some indie cred for the great borough of Queens without inviting the hipsters to come in and dilute the flava of my ancestral homeland. Okay, it’s my ancestral homeland after the Philippines but you know what I’m saying.

Jacalyn tricked me into going to Bath & Bodyworks this week. I had no intention of buying anything, but 30 minutes later I emerged with a bunch of wee travel size bottles from the Bigelow Chemists line (Bigelow is a store in New York that is now being franchised by the BBworks people, who also own the Limited, Victoria’s Secret, Lane Bryant, Henri Bendel, etc.). Facial cleansers, some astringents, and this lip balm that I swear to god when I put it on I want to make out with myself. It’s just that good. Which is so unusual because I’m not really into almond flavor. I can’t imagine what kind of crazy self-love hijinks would ensue should the Bigelow people start making this in chocolate, or pink grapefruit. I may never leave my house again!

I think the best part of going for a facial at the Aveda Institute is getting this Aveda Comforting Tea to sip while you wait for your student aesthetician o’ the day to fetch you from the Zen-tastic waiting area otherwise known as “the transition room”. I even went so far as to buy a box of tea bags which, I assure you, was not cheap but totally worth it. Who knew that licorice root had the power to send me into a fit of simultaneous longing and fulfillment? It’s a weird yet transcendent feeling, so I try not to drink it outside of home, where I might scare people with my contented sighing.


~ by Jasmine on January 21, 2006.

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  1. FINALLY. A reason to go inside a Bath and Bodyworks store.

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