you’ve got to be kidding me

So I’m currently in budget mode — I’m organizing repayment schedules for existing debt, I’ve started photographing things to try to sell on eBay, and I’m buying birthday presents at places that rhyme with “Wack Arnold’s”.

But for Valentine’s Day, that day of love embodied by chocolate, jewelry, and pity sex romantic overtures, I understand that even I of very little money and no boyfriend am required to participate. Good daughter that I am, I must produce something for my mama, who requires cards and gifts on any and all holidays (sometimes even the Jewish ones — and we’re Catholic!) But what can you get for your moms that says so much for so little?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but through DEDICATE a MOVIE to Someone Special (btw, that’s their caps, not mine), I can tell my mother that I love her very much without breaking the bank. Just pick from one of four movies, fill in a handy form with your special someone’s name, e-mail address, and dedication, hit “Send”, then watch your movie and keep an eye out for your message!

I often associate Lifetime with movies where woman gets tricked into sleeping with guy/drugged by her dentist/murdered by her best friend, then is saved or vindicated by long lost daughter/hot widower next door/the FBI. And I have to admit that the last few “chick lit” like movies that I watched and enjoyed were on ABC Family. But Lifetime is still the queen of the heartbreak movie with the melodrama, the soft lighting, and, it would seem, Valerie Bertinelli and Jane Seymour on permanent retainer. So it is with a classic Lifetime story that I send my love to mom.


~ by Jasmine on January 24, 2006.

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