387: get your swirl on

{jacalyn and i are so rad}Hi. Remember me? It’s been three weeks since the last flip front. Either you all are really busy, or my life has gotten really boring, but absolutely nobody missed the flip front. Well, okay, maybe me, a little bit, but that’s it. Things like what I ate for breakfast last weekend, or when I first saw Something New (a funny, smart, and sexy movie, so go see it) or even what I wore to work today, blow apart then come together out of order and out of context. Is my memory really that bad? Do I need to start eating more fish? Hmph.

2/4/06: Jacinda’s family threw her a lovely surprise party for her 30th birthday. It was great because all I had to do was show up with a present. Much as I love organizing and throwing parties for people that I love, I love going to parties that I don’t have to clean up after even more. Being a mere guest allowed me to spend my Saturday morning in the usual lazy way: breakfast with Andrew and Rozi (Hollywood Grill — Andrew was teased mercilessly by our waitress for no reason whatsoever), then buying Jacinda’s present, then 45 glorious minutes at Paper Boy running my fingers over letterpress thank you cards, flipping through a collection of Adrian Tomine graphics, buying a Valentine’s Day card which I had no intention of sending to the person for whom I bought it. The party was a blast — pink balloons dotted the ceiling, and everybody eating guacamole as though their lives depended on it. Maybe, just maybe, we inhaled helium. Maybe, just maybe, it was totally awesome.

2/7/06: Fundraiser for Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund at Rockit. Kathy drives. It’s a cool bar, but I felt too much like an urban anthropologist, taking copious notes on the mating rituals of the modern yuppie.

Lots of girls throwing back cosmos and tugging uncertainly at body-conscious cowl-neck sweaters. Guys wearing a little more gel than was fashionable left unbuttoned the cuffs of their working week shirts in an attempt to evoke the shirts’ more flamboyant weekend cousins. You know the shirts I’m talking about — usually black or white or striped, unbuttoned cuffs hanging just a little long on the arms. Artfully distressed $180 jeans which put just the slightest dent in the budget for a night out at Rockit or SushiSambaRio or the W on Lake Shore Drive.

2/9/06: Molly and I finish up the shopping for our eighties party on 2/11/06. The Dollar Tree on Addison near the Kennedy? Fucking magic, I tell you. Glowsticks, balloons, plastic sheets to put on the wall as decoration. The Salvation Army yields tons of LPs to nail to the walls for additional atmosphere – Prince. Pat Benatar. Journey. Also, two board games: The California Raisins Board Game and Rich Little’s Video Charades. I’m surprised that these games weren’t more popular at the party.

2/10/06: Sean is in town, so we take his modest expense account for a drive at the Frontera Grill. I have a blood orange margarita, the pork tamales, and duck tacos with some plantains on the side. I steal bites of Sean’s ceviche sampler. After dinner, we walk to the Loop so I can digest before heading home, and where Sean can get a slightly cheaper cab ride to Hyde Park for some drinking in our cold college stomping grounds.

2/11/06: I spend most of the afternoon at Best Buy, obsessing over what kind of stereo components I need to plug into my Airport Express so people can listen to music streaming wirelessly from my laptop. Then I realize that what people need are drinks and food and decoration, so I snap out of my weird mood and head home to help finish up with the decorating. I bake a cake and decorate it to look like Pacman. I cue up Valley Girl on the DVD player, start heating up tater tots and pizza
rolls in the oven.

Jacalyn is our first guest, and she is wearing her boyfriend’s old Z. Cavaricci sweater (there’s leather on it!) with pleated Z. Cavaricci pants. Her hair stands at least 3″ above her brow, and I can see her eye shadow from down the hall. I can’t stop laughing, but I have to get dressed, let Jacalyn and then Oscar (guest no. 2) do my hair so that it is visible from space. People come in and out — Darren drops off a 12-pack of Tab, Joe and Jacinda and Kathy and Tasneem and Tony and Rozi in a sweatshirt and leggings with this super cute hot pink belt and Maria dressed as Tess McGill from Working Girl. I am laughing so hard I am spitting tab all over myself. Then Damien walks in dressed as Eazy-E, with the leisure curl and everything, and I’ve offically had it. Meaning, I am beside myself. Paul and Rosa are talking shit with everybody at Uno, and Cynthia’s man Ron is starting a game of spades in the kitchen. Who knew that Adrienne had entire scenes from Sixteen Candles memorized, or that Jacalyn could do the Running Man on demand?

2/12/06: Molly and I clean up. This takes less than an hour. I lie about, slothful, then we go see Something New with Kathy and Adrienne. There is nothing about this movie that I do not like — the actors, the premise, the soundtrack, the writing, and Simon Baker’s upper arms under a thin jersey t-shirt. Sorry to be such a chauvinist but that’s how these things go when you’re single in Chicago. I think that being single in this city does not work for me. I can’t get the mojo working, which is a topic discussed during after-movie tea and cake. Boo.

2/14/06: Bowling at Lucky Strike with Adrienne, Kathy, and Jorge. We pick ignorant-ass nicknames for the electronic scoreboard: BLKGRL, CHACHO, HOBAAG, and DIMSUM. We frighten off the suburban family bowling in the lane next to ours.

2/16/06: I make my second trip ever to Kohl’s, desperate to find a cheap pair of khaki pants for the trade show for which I’ve been recruited at the last minute. I don’t find any, but I nearly buy a pair of Napoleon Dynamite socks printed with a rainbow-colored army of llamas.

In the next flip front:

* economy class, expense reportage, and why am I only now realizing that there was no mini-bar in my hotel room?

* Sure, the cupcakes from the Magnolia are as tasty as everybody says they are, but have you had the banana pudding?

* I want to make out with Joey Cheek every time I see him.

* Whose idea was it to hire a videographer for my grandfather’s funeral?

* Isabella

* assertiveness and today’s Asian-American undergraduate job-seekers at the University of Chicago

* something new redux


Gorillaz – DARE; Chrysalis – Summer In Your Savage Eyes; Caetano Veloso – Cucurrucucu Paloma (live)

Do artists get more action?
<a href=”http://www.latimes.com/features/magazine/west/la-tm-neil08feb19,1,5130497.story?
coll=la-headlines-west”>R.I.P. STOP
Thirty, Flirty, & Thriving
Total Eclipse of the Heart


~ by Jasmine on February 25, 2006.

2 Responses to “387: get your swirl on”

  1. Miss Jazz! I missed you. We’ve been checking “London” for weeks! Glad you’re back. The 80s party looked hot!

  2. Oh Anonymous, I’m sure that if I knew who you were, I’d miss you too. The party was hot — not only because everybody looked smashing, but because my apartment is very warm and the layers were coming off!

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