392: the 30 days of jasmine – day 4

Last night I enjoyed an evening of breakdancing and Butoh in Wrigleyville. Also present were Christine, Ha and Ha’s friends Andrea and Carrie.

I didn’t know that this frattiest of neighborhoods could be some to hip-hop and Japanese avant-garde dance. In a small studio just south of Wrigley Field, limber young men twirled to hip-hop in front of projected images from anime, The Matrix, Tron. Then, 30 minutes of a pale young woman as she contorted herself and moved around the same space, sometimes in complete silence. I could see that she was talented, and the performance was striking. But it also felt like what would have been produced had the creepy dead girl from The Ring been invited to participate in a dance recital. But seriously — it was nice. And the audience was full of perfectly-groomed girls which had me wondering where all the cute boys were. Oh yeah — they were the breakdancers. So these girls, with their copiously applied eye makeup and expertly fluffed hair — were they groupies? Next to them I felt very old and sloppy.

Afterwards, we went to the Pick Me Up — the girls required dessert while I needed a sandwich. Service was, as ever, poor — I was last there six years ago and I had hoped that the years gone by would have given the place some much-needed, I dunno, sense of how to serve customers efficiently. But I guess I was wrong. For some reason, the sing-song voice which the waitress employed to say “Your ice cream sundae?” (yes, it sounded like a question, going up at the top) reduced Carrie and Ha nearly to tears.

For March 4, 2006, day 4 of the 30 days of jasmine, you should go see Dave Chappelle’s Block Party with your favorite movie-going friends.

Really. That’s it. No conjuring your least favorite memory of me and you involving paper goods, or 100 reasons why I am your favorite Filipino. At least not today.

King’s College Choir – Magnificat in C major: Et misericordia (Pergolesi); Love As Laughter – The Square; Shakira – Estoy Aqui; Styx – Lady; Tommy James & the Shondells – Crimson And Clover

What is Butoh?
<a href=”http://www.nytimes.com/2006/03/05/fashion/sundaystyles/05love.html?_r=1&pagewant
ed=print”>A Girl Could Get Cornered in a Tiny House


~ by Jasmine on March 4, 2006.

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