397: the 30 days of jasmine – day 9

Not much to report but I am filled with glee because:
1. Chloé Dao is the winner of season 2 of Project Runway.
2. A good good friend is moving back to Chicago some time this year.
3. I worked out today and endorphins make me giggly.
I accompanied Cynthia to her gym for a workout. She goes to Women’s Workout World. Just as a guest, though the terms of membership are so cheap that I could see doing this instead of, say, going out to dinner one less time than I do currently. I had hoped it was like the gymnasium in The Women, with medicine balls being used as ottomans by plumpy, pampered women who smoked on the treadmills. Went for facials and manicures and wore heels to racquetball lessons.

Seriously — it wasn’t super-fancy but I really dug this treadmill I used. Series of colored lights track your progress as you climb an imaginary mountain, the outline of which is drawn in more colored lights on the console of the treadmill. It was like a video game (if not a very good one). I huffed and huffed until I realized that I could tell I was working (heart rate) but I wasn’t killing myself. So I guess that would be a long-term effect of not smoking anymore. Interesting. I think I may take a hip-hop class next week — depending on how that goes you may see me shaking my ass in Missy Elliott’s next music video.

For March 9, 2006, day 9 of the 30 days of jasmine, as the day is almost over, you should eat something you’ve never eaten before for dinner. Like beef tongue or pork elbow or some mysterious though groovy-looking shrub at your local hippie health food restaurant. Only don’t come crying to me if you get food poisoning — discretion is between you and your local restaurant inspector.

Ryan Adams – English Girls Approximately; Santana – Oye Como Va; Tito Puente – Oye Como Va; Celia Cruz – Oye Como Va (Latin/Trance Mix)



~ by Jasmine on March 10, 2006.

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