398: the 30 days of jasmine – day 10

I had a productive Thursday evening, even though it did not involve catching up on my homework. I stayed home to work but instead I fried chicken, made rice krispies treats, watched “Flash Gordon” and wrote a piece on spec for an on-line food magazine.

* fried chicken — I used a combination of butter and canola oil. Heating the oil to the point of fragrance, I slipped in the chicken (washed in milk, then packed in a mixture of flour, salt, and pepper), turned the heat down and covered the chicken. I always find this incredibly difficult to do, covering the chicken so I can’t watch it to make sure it does not burn. I flicked on the overhead fan, and listened to the snap crackle pop of the chicken in hot oil and butter. I used my last few paper towels to drain the chicken, which is consumed by me, Molly, and Kathy while we watch Flash Gordon.

* rice krispies treats — I’ve had marshmallows in the house since last Halloween, when I bought them for the express purpose of making popcorn balls. I failed in this effort, as I would just eat the popcorn as I made it, and ended up setting it out in big bowls along with the candy, the spinach balls, and the tater tots. So what do you do with marshmallows if you’ve no hot chocolate to drink, s’mores to toast, candied yams to serve to a batch of hungry guests? You make rice krispies treats, which is almost as easy as boiling water. The thing to remember is that when you have a molten ball of marshmallows, butter and rice krispies which you are desperately trying to wrestle into a buttered dish, it’s no use trying with a spoon or a spatula to keep your hands clean. Just use your hands already and press that wad into submission.

* Flash Gordon — There are so many things I want to say about a movie that I loved as a child but can’t help but laugh at as an adult. A pre-007 Timothy Dalton swinging about on fake vines, clad in green tights and an unconvincing mustache. A queeny Max Von Sydow, baldcap pulled tight and eye makeup appropriately kitten-ish, as Emperor Ming: I kept picturing him flouncing about in Hannah & Her Sisters, where he played Barbara Hershey’s moody painter boyfriend. Long story short: I see Flash Gordon now, and I think: “soft core porn film version of Puccini’s Turandot set in a roller disco”. Xanadu crossed with The Last Emperor meets Battlestar Galactica on the way to a hoedown with Star Wars.

* writing — yay! I wrote something about fast food. But boo! I did not do my homework. I’ve decided that I will do homework tomorrow afternoon after my morning errands while I do laundry, which I’ve been meaning to do for a month. Uh huh, I know I’ve said this all before but this time: I mean it.

You’re becoming as prolific as Stephen King…if he had a blog. And it was not scary.

Massive Attack – Angel; Company B – Fascinated; Sam Cooke – That’s Where It’s At; Elvis Presley – Hound Dog

Gorgeous photos of Hanoi (Photoeye via Heading East)
The Cutting Edge cuts a big one (TVGuide)
NPH rocks the subway (Gawker)


~ by Jasmine on March 10, 2006.

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