401: bang! bang!

Khloe’s graduation dinner (3/17): The food and wine were excellent, as was the company. I got nice and tipsy on red wine, then spent a great deal of the evening reminiscing about the fare served at big college study breaks when I was an undergrad. Pictures:

bowling (3/18): Jeff Ramone hosted his fifth annual bowling spectacular at the Diversey River Bowl. Just me, Jeff, Kathy, Adrienne, and a crew of young men who were far far better bowlers than I could ever hope to. At least the music was rockin’. Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasmine/sets/72057594085874093/.

Isabella (3/20): Isabella, Joe and Jacinda’s dog, passed away. She had cancer. Yes, I wrote an obituary. You may read it here: https://flipfront.wordpress.com/2006/03/21/isabella-bauman-goldberg-1998-2006/.

mixmaster (3/22): Somebody and her lovely family sent me a KitchenAid mixer for my birthday. Which means that somebody and her family are getting a nice thank you batch of cookies…

Mo (3/23): Rozi and I had a quick dinner at the Atwood before joining Andrew for a taping of my favorite NPR show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Yes, Mo Rocca was one of the panelists. Many of you like to point out that he is most likely gay, to which I respond: so what? Why must you insist on taking the fun out of my harmless celebrity crush? Haters. Mo looked adorable in these fitted pants. After the taping was over, he was ambushed by autograph seekers who fit one of the following profiles:

* young “hipster” chick with hoodie/messenger bag, or vintage coat/lady-like handbag combo.

* middle-aged married couples carring canvas tote bags stamped with the logos or names of major museums

* precocious children who are fans of Whoa! Sunday, the show Mo hosts for Animal Planet

I considered sidling up to him to ask about his opinion on the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock (Mo’s known to be a fan of all things presidental — the man worte a book about presidential pets, for crying out loud) but decide to treat him the same way I do all guys I am attracted to: walk away and act like I don’t care. Which is so immature but who cares. Picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasmine/117072601/

errands go bra (3/25): I got up at 7am. Why? It’s Saturday. Nevertheless, I take advantage of my wakefulness and bake cookies. They come out okay but they needed more butter. I used a sample of Splenda baking mix instead of real sugar, and I think that may have been the reason why these cookies were less cookies and more biscuits. Kathy and Adrienne come over, we drop off loads of stuff at the Salvation Army, have a nice quick lunch at Hot Chocolate, then go back to my house for hours of sloth. Really. Just watching this program on the NFL network about the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.

Rozi, at the restaurant there was a party with a baby who was, sadly, not very attrative — the baby was wheeled into the restaurant in a Bugaboo. This stroller looked kinda sporty, and I liked the way the handle flipped back so the stroller could park at the table. Maybe I’m missing something buy why are these strollers so impressive?

3/26: Khloé makes me a nice dinner. Roast chicken, homemade stuffing with golden raisins, apples, and nuts. Granola cranberry chocolate chip cookies. And we watch “Grey’s Anatomy” while we digest. A perfect end to a lovely weekend. Picture: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasmine/119178898/

nails & stuff (3/27): It’s raining and gross in the evening, but Kathy braves awful traffic to meet me for some manicure/pedicure action. We go for dinner afterwards, where I come to the realization that Chicago is shit when it comes to finding dateable boys. I know this is not news to a lot of you, but it’s still worth mentioning because it makes me kinda sad. Maybe one day I will do something to improve the population of dateable boys in Chicago — maybe an exchange program with the citizens of, say, Rome or Sao Paulo?

mmmm (3/29): I’m running a bit late so I take a cab to work. The driver s adorable, so much so that I sneak peaks at him from behind the April issue of Allure magazine. I am so lame.


“Now you just remember I won a year’s supply of toilet freshener for making up that poem. That took brains and artistry, that did.”

Mary J. Blige – I Found My Everything; Ella Fitzgerald – Body and Soul; Dizzy Gillespie – Bang! Bang! Dean Martin – Good Mornin’ Life; Betty Hutton – Stuff Like That There; Nina Simone – Just In Time; Judy Holliday – What’ll I Do?; Ada Jones – Call me up some rainy afternoon

Amy & James are in Tokyo! Read their blog: http://tokai-jin.blogspot.com
Paul from ‘The Wonder Years’ is a lawyer now: http://www.morrisoncohen.com/bio/bio_saviano.php


~ by Jasmine on March 30, 2006.

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