404: back from ten


It’s not like there’s a lot to report from the past, oh, month. But I can’t remember much of it. Work has been pretty busy for the last few weeks so I find that I am pretty wrecked by the time I get home in the evenings. And then weekends are devoted to the art of the perfect slack. Though I’ve noticed that I am often seized by the impulse to get up early for breakfast on Saturdays. I’ve yet to act on this impulse by, you know, actually going for breakfast, but I believe that I am making real progress.

I wish the same could be said of my writing. Hence here we are, more than a month since I last updated you on my goings-on. So, bullet points for those of you who love PowerPoint, lists, or concise, pithy recaps.

Monday, May 22: I watch the 2-hour season finale of “24”. Question: Um, why have I not been watching this show since its first season in 2001? Answer: I am a sucker.

Sunday, May 21: Cubs win game three of the crosstown series against my beloved White Sox. Sarah N. and I are in suitably foul moods and split up after the game to get on with our Sunday afternoons. My search for a simple dark blue denim skirt is routed at every turn by skirts decorated with unnecessary embroidery, distressing, and beading. I slink home to lie on the couch and watch the season finale of “Desperate Housewives” with Molly.

Saturday, May 20: A lovely day. I get up on the early side, but don’t make it out of thehouse until 1 in the afternoon. Which is fine, as this gives me some time to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo, walk through the greenhouse, and scramble up the path near North Pond to commune with the ducks. I go to Andrew and Rozi’s for a small barbecue. Joe and Jacinda are also there. It was a very grown-up evening to me even though we did spend a lot of time cracking silly jokes and eating brownies.

Friday, May 19: Members-only party at the MCA for a few shows. I bring Gabe, who makes excellent company for looking at oversize photographs of naked, urinating skinheads (Wolfgang Tillmans), spinning mirrored Himalayan mountains (Patty Chang), pictures of Chicago at night (Cathering Opie), or soup cans (Andy Warhol). I was conscious of the photographer, the kind you find at these posh-ish parties. Poised to take pictures of only the most fabulous and photogenic guests. I didn’t want to have my picture taken, but I kind of did. I’d been to the NARS counter at Marshall Field’s beforehand, so my makeup was flawless. Alas, Gabe and I were not worthy. I suspect it is because we were not Trixies but I’ll probably never know for sure. Something else which got me thinking — I saw a lot of couples where one or both halves had no ass to speak of. I’d watch their significant other lean over and appear to grope their ass. If you don’t have an ass, and your friend pats that area, what are they patting — air? Cotton balls?

Wednesday, May 17: Khloe is honored with induction into Beta Gamma Sigma. Before and after the ceremony, Khloe scans the crowd for cute guys for me to talk to. I eat miniature crab cakes and make a point not to hold my breath. We get caught in a brief thunderstorm on the way to catch the bus, so I walk barefoot through Hyde Park (yes, Khloe went to the GSB) instead of risking my neck by walking in slippery platform wedges. On the bus back to the loop, we run into Allison, who remembered me as a Scavenger Hunt judge. We chat happily on the bus until we part ways at the loop. By this point the rain has stopped, the sun is out, and Khloe and I get sandwiches at the Chicago Chocolate Company on Randolph near Halsted. Delicious.

Sunday, May 14: After calling my mother and grandmother, I invite Kathy over for breakfast before a quick trip to the Sports Authority and to the movies to see “Keeping Up with the Steins”. The movie was not as funny as I’d hoped, but it was cute enough. And I’d like to take a moment to mourn as tonight the last episode ever of “The West Wing” aired. I wish the episode had been better written. I mean, if series creator Aaron Sorkin could appear in an uncredited cameo as one of the people on the dais when President Santos is sworn in, why couldn’t he write a final episode, just for old time’s sake?

Friday, May 12: Khloe and I go to the opening of her friends’ furniture store. The place is called Urbanest, they sell lovely furniture at ridiculously reasonable prices, and should put Pottery Barn out of business. Seriously, just go to the store in Andersonville so you can check out the groovy bamboo floor. Afterwards, Khloe invites me over for dinner. Cassoulet, and I seem to remember a pound cake for dessert. I am too sleepy to go home on transit after the meal, so Khloe puts me up in her guest room, where I read Self until I fall asleep. I creep out early the next morning, leaving a note and one of the JASMINE DAVILA ROCKS pens Molly gave me for my birthday. I would have liked to stick around if only to see what Khloe would have made for breakfast but I had some medication at home that wasn’t going to take itself.

Wednesday, May 10: Anaheim Angels at White Sox. Sarah N. and I braved cold, wind, and rain, we yelled and cheered and still the Sox lost. I was wet and grumpy all the way home. *And* I lost my cool-ass White Sox cap.

Tuesday, May 9: I do the pop culture segment for “Subject 2 Discussion”. 30 minutes on how much I secretly adore the WB’s “7th Heaven” and how I fear for the safety of Britney Spears and her child.

Saturday, May 6: I tag along as Kathy goes looking at cars in Oak Lawn. I sympathize with the salesman at the Toyota dealership, who wore cheap shoes and pants too short to be presentable. We have a nice time at Carmax, going out for a test drive while I sit in the back and take notice of the Culver’s on 93rd (or was it 95th?) street. On the way back, we take the long way, driving through Beverly so I can marvel at the gorgeous houses.

Friday, May 5: Joe and I see Akeelah & the Bee after work. Right before we left, we went to a little retirement party at the office where the retiree in question was some old technology. There was beer and wine in the kind of fabric coolers that look like flotation devices.

Wednesday, May 3: Seattle at White Sox. Extra innings. Pablo Ozuna had a homerun. I don’t understand people who say they go to sporting events to relax. If you watch the game, and are engaged and participating as much as the usual spectator, how can you sit still while your team play their hearts out? I was a mess, and they won!

Monday, May 1: I am sick. I stay home, sleep, and watch Oprah.

Saturday, April 29: I think I’m late meeting Khloe at the Alliance Francaise for a tango concert but she figured I’d be late so she told me to be there 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Damn her and her crafty ways. It turns out we had a good hour before the performance so we went for coffee and I told her my idea for a show. As I explained it to her, I became very conscious of a woman sitting at the next table. Was she eavesdropping, taking notes on her cell phone and plotting to sell my idea as soon as she could catch the next plane to Burbank? I hope not. The tango concert was dance, was “a woman of a certain age” singing in French and Spanish while heaving her considerable chest through several costume changes (she needn’t have bothered as her costumes were all cleavage-baring tops), and a man playing the piano to accompany her, the dancing couple, or nobody at all. To my left sat an unattractive pudgy couple — she with unmanicured hands, he with suspenders — and to my right sat an older woman who carried a miniature poodle in her handbag. After the concert we walked around, two women in search of ice cream. We actually went to the crazy McDonald’s but there was no ice cream. There was, however, some nice reproductions of designer furniture.

Friday, April 28: Molly hosts a game night, her birthday present to me. It is way fun and apparently I am not half bad at Charades. I make a fool of myself with the spinach balls.

Monday, April 24: Take The Lead with Kathy & Adrienne. The movie has hottie-pants Antonio Banderas in beautifully tailored suits. Also, the girl who plays Paige on “Degrassi: The Next Generation”.

Saturday, April 22: I see Thom sing in the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus original production “The Ten Commandments”. It is hilarious, if only because Thom was so intimidating as an Egyptian. Adrienne, Tasneem, and I howl our support, then go for Thai food after the show. I end my night at Dan Meltz’s going-away party, eating chips with Jacinda and Rozi on Dan’s famously cozy sofa.

Friday, April 21: My idea of heaven is miniature golf on Navy Pier followed by a turn on the ferris wheel. I do these things with the usual suspects (Rozi, Andrew, Jacinda, Joe, Khloe). Afterwards, everybody but Rozi and Andrew go to The Corner (formerly Rich’s First One Today) for a few pitchers of Old Style. A group of guys at the next table invites us over for shots — we demur, saying that we already have drinks. Jacinda says that they were *obviously* trying to chat me up. Really? Even the guy with the major bangs?

Tuesday, April 18: I go to an alumni workshop at the Gleacher Center. A classroom full of alumni, mostly of the College, taking notes as other alumni talk about their careers and things they did to get into the fields in which they desired to work. Which sounds pretty dry, I know, but it was quite fun. Also, I saw this girl with whom I used to have a class in school and she, annoying, looked as thin and lovely as ever.

Sunday, April 16: Easter with the Filipinos. Mom, Grandma, Tita Lot, Tita Josie, Tita Gemma, and Uncle Jimmy (why have I never called him Tito Jimmy?) celebrate with lumpia, pancit, and palabok at the home of the old Irish lady Tita Gemma looks after during the week. The lady’s daughter, who stops by to say hello, doesn’t seem to mind a bunch of Filipino ladies and their friends just taking over the house as a party space. We eat and eat, eat eat eat, then Tita Gemma pops in a tape of programs recorded from the Filipino satellite tv channel. Wowowee followed by Homeboy! with Boy Abunda, and at last Panday, the story of Flavio the metalsmith’s perpetual battle with the forces of evil, armed only with a dagger and a churchbell (!) forged from the remains of a meteor.

Friday, April 14: Good Friday services at Trinity UCC. Father Pfleger had the seventh word, which of course he preached on until the entire church was on its feet, crying out affirmations as he crouched over his microphone. I was breathless after three hours of scribbling notes, listening, singing, laughing, and saying a lot of “Oooooh! Oh no he didn’t!” as the guest priests, pastors, bishops, and reverends illuminated the text while taking some time to take President Bush to task on a number of things. Kevin watch the streaming video on the web site and would send us text messages after particularly key points.


Gorillaz – DARE; Maxwell – This Woman’s Work; William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got; Earth Wind & Fire – Love’s Holiday

Wolfgang Tillmans @ MCA


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