405: game on

I promised my editors at PopCultureJunkies.com that I’d recap some shows in exchange for money, so I’ve now achieved my lifelong dream of getting paid to watch television. It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to keep me in Old Style at The Corner for the summer.

For those of you who care about such things, work is still very busy. I find myself either feeling very secretarial or incredibly useful when I come home at the end of the day. I don’t know if that’s a good way to describe the range of emotions through which I go when I’m at work, and it’s probably not fair to me or to my co-workers who are so happy to answer my questions, collaborate on writing stuff, and forgive me for stealing candy off their desks.

And yes, I know I shouldn’t be stealing candy, but I swear it was, if not for a good cause, than for a good person who shall go unidentified. I shouldn’t be having candy full-stop, with the diabetes and whatnot, but sugar, I do miss you sometimes. When I lie awake at night, thinking of the chocolate fondue fountain at Matt’s wedding last spring, I feel a twinge in my tummy.

Oh, and I got my eyes checked last week. Eye-wise, I’m alright, though the doc made a hard sell for PRK, which is basically LASIK for people with thin corneas. It sounded great until I was quoted a price which I learned is not covered by my current health insurance plan. I know this may not sound esp. exciting, but I’ve been wearing glasses since the age of eight. I withstood years of wearing ugly glasses because they were the only ones my parents could afford. In high school, a guy actually jumped off the stage at an Inspiral Carpets show (stop laughing at me) and landed on my head, breaking my glases *and* my prized Pop Swatch. I think after a lifetime of glasses-related mischief and heartache that I deserve fancy surgery… or at the very least a year’s supply of those tinted contacts favored by the small Asian girls who keep asking me to be their friend on MySpace.

Molly and I hosted a game night at our place last week. We had a small though spirited turnout for a few rounds of Taboo, what seemed like hours of “Scene It!” (seriously, my knowledge of the filmography of Billy Crystal surprised even me), and about 5 lbs. of Molly’s spinach balls. Jacinda came without Joe (home sick) but with Doolittle, her new dog. He is a 9 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback. He has a kink in his tail, so it is sickle-shaped and Jacinda and Joe call the dog “comrade”. When he is nervous, Doolittle will hide under the skirts of somebody he trusts and peer out from between their legs. At least, this is what Jacinda tells me when Doolittle does this, nearly knocking me over as I am talking to people in the hallway at the end of the evening.

Oh, and in the middle of game night, Jacalyn called to tell me that she’d just gotten engaged. So that’s her excuse for not coming to game night, which I accepted and therefore promised not to throw burnt spinach balls at her at the next game night.

I spent Sunday sitting in Jacalyn’s backyard, drinking frozen margaritas with her friends and family. Her lovely sister Jessica was the guest of honor at a surprise birthday barbecue, so the drinks, meat, and jokes flowed freely. This guy Larry wore Homer Simpson flip-flops with his Hawaiian print shirt. Everybody smoked, which drove me crazy with desire but I resisted the urge to sneak a cigarette from Jacalyn’s pack of Parliament Lights.

My nails are short and a glossy dark red, as I got my nails done last night at the cheap place with the surly Chinese aestheticians. I can’t tell if they look cheap or just kinda fun. They remind me of this girl at college who wore metallic purple polish on her nails, which were filed into long sharp talons. I promise I will change the polish to something more work-appropriate in time for next week’s trade show, though for a trade show in Ft. Lauderdale I wonder if something like Chanel Vanity would work under the hot Florida sun.

The next flip front may not be out for a while — Nick & Nadine will be in town this weekend, and then I’ll be in Florida until June 11. Though I suspect that I may be all sorts of tipsy Friday night, so if that yields a dispatch at 2am Saturday morning about how much I love a particular shade of lipstick, don’t say you weren’t warned.

Holy shit, how could I have forgotten: my darling brother Patrick was picked to be employee of the month. The way he described it to me made it sound like the honor was something like being the goose in “Duck Duck Goose” only with a $25 gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse. So feel free to send Patrick your congratulations — just don’t beg to be taken to the Outback, because that position’s already been filled.

Betty Hutton – It’s Oh So Quiet; Mindy Smith – Jolene; The Ronettes – Be My Baby; Garbage – Push It; Salt n’ Pepa – Push It; Buzzcocks – Oh Shit!; Madonna – I Want You (feat. Massive Attack)



~ by Jasmine on June 1, 2006.

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