accessories for walnut

In mere weeks, my friends Andrew and Rozi are going to be parents. Jacinda and I have been plotting about what we are going to get for the baby, whom all refer to as Walnut. Walnut hasn’t been walnut-sized for quite some time, but the name has stuck. I suspect we will continue to call the baby Walnut even after Andrew and Rozi tell us what Walnut’s real name is. Poor kid.

Anyhoo, Andrew once intimated his feeling that babies should have a signature animal. Something cute, but not too precious. And there are already so many baby clothes with duckies, kitties, puppies, wee lambs, and such — Walnut needs an animal that is instantly recognizable but not generic. My initial suggestions of wallabies and manatees where shut down, not because the baby versions of those creatures are not cute but because Baby Gap doesn’t really stock a lot of wallaby bibs, ya dig? Well, maybe in Australia.

So I was thinking, late last night when I should have been asleep, and it came to me. Walnut… nut… nuts…. squirrel! Squirrels are so cute and crafty and fluffy and they live in cities and in the country and did I mention how freakin’ cute they are? I think Andrew and Rozi should totally get this bag for when they take Walnut to the park. And how about all the cute-ass squirrel dolls you can buy on the intarweb? Genius. So cute, and stylish enough for a baby whose parents who themselves are style fiends.


~ by Jasmine on July 16, 2006.

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