408: sympathy for the davila

Okay so I’m totally behind so it’s bullet points. Sorry, bitches, but sometimes I have to resort to this.

Tuesday, June 6: It’s really humid in Ft. Lauderdale, where I will be for the next five days for a trade show. Dinner’s on the company, so a group of us head out to a reasonably priced Italian restaurant a few sweaty blocks from our hotel. We’re not really close to the beachfront, so no tacky gift shops and strip clubs for us. Not yet anyway. The water in my bathroom is, like the water in all the toilets in FL, a weird ginger color because of “tannic substances”. At least, that’s what the sign on the toilet tank says. I could care less — sure it’s the first week of hurricane season BUT! there is a pool, and me and my cheap target bathing suit ar ready.

Wednesday, June 7: Work in the morning. Though the hotel is just across the road, my makeup is nearly sweated off after the 10 minute walk. This Florida humidity is no fucking jokie. My afternoon is spent reading this article in the Times about gift registries, which reminds me that I owe Hungry Magazine (http://www.hungrymag.com) a piece. Or six. I can’t remember. The whole trade show crew go out for our group dinner that night. Beachside, we tuck into a lovely meal with one of our speakers. There is a lovely breeze off the Atlantic. After dinner, dip in the pool, and I go to bed later than I mean to.

Thursday, June 8: I get up on the late-ish side to find that Sarah’s been at the pool for a few hours, and is ready to hit the beach. She’s got a rental car for the week, so we take Darryl out for some sun, sea, and salt. It was blissful, even though we did have to head back to work early that afternoon. Show attendance was no more than the day before, which was pretty slow. So a few demos, some questions to answer, and then it’s another group dinner at the Quarterdeck. And why did nobody tell me how delicious conch fritters were? I bond with a co-worker, Jeff, and one of our speakers, Robert, over how fun it is being diabetic. We are all very much committed to diet Coke, which I always thought of as a drink for insecure fat girls.

Oh wait a second…

I have to say that Mark, one of the developers at work, seemed to be having a great time. It’s not often that our developers meet real customers but he seemed to be learning a lot about how our product is used, and ways it can be improved. Also, he’s just a really fun guy so we all had a blast just hanging out after the show was over in the evenings.

Friday, June 9: A bunch of people were leaving Saturday after the show ended, so we spent out last night on the boardwalk. A bunch of us got drinks in styrofoam cups, which we brought out to the beach, sipping between dips in the ocean. Alberto was on its way, making the waves really big and hard, and the slight undertow was enough to make me panicky. I couldn’t relax enough to let it roll over me, so I dragged myself out after 20 minutes and watched the sun set behind a cluster of yellow and pink stucco buildings. Dinner was more seafood, with entertainment provided by a couple of guys from our group trying to chat up a group of Canadienne tourists who spoke little English.

Saturday, June 10: A quiet last morning at the trade show gave way to a rainy afternoon spent eating burgers with David and Jed who were among the few of us left in Florida Saturday afteroon. We talked about taking a water taxi to South Beach, but it seemed that when we all went up to our rooms for afternoon naps, we all fell asleep instead. Before I went to bed, I raided the nearby Walgreen’s for flip-flops and candy to bring back to people at work. Dinner was room service (conch chowder was way too salty) and “Bewitched” on Pay-Per-View. I know it sounds super boring but the air conditioning was outstanding.

Sunday, June 11: I made it back from Florida in time to help celebrate Gretchen’s birthday at Carol’s Pub. Observe: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jasmine/165426125.

Friday, June 16: After a long de-moralizing week at work, I go bowling with a bunch of folks at work, something of an informal bachelor/bachelorette party for Julie and Mark, co-workers who are to marry in August. Julie, it seems, was a semi-profssional bowler when she was a teenager. You laugh, but seriously? She was awesome. I befriended a guy from the party in the lane next to ours. Every time he went up for his turn he’d say “Hey Jasmine! I’m going now!” and I wasn’t sure if it was because he thought I was cute or fabulous in that way that some gay men seem to find big girls or just drunk. I didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. Khloe bowled admirably for someone who hadn’t bowled since high school gym class. Back at Khloe’s, where I spend the night, we talk about boys and about how I tend to develop crushes on gay men. Like, they’re my type. It would be funny and novel if NBC hadn’t already had “Will & Grace” on the air.

Saturday, June 17: Khloe, Jeremy, and I drive out to Oakbrook, where we spend the day at a big Scottish festival. Tim is competing and his group performance kicked some fucking ass. Also cool: HP sauce on everything, falcons, Westies, elkhounds, border collies, and highland games where men in kilts with thighs as big as tree trunks tossed cabers. It was rad.

Monday, June 19: Jacalyn’s birthday. Our boss takes her (and me the tag-along) to Japonais for lunch. Delicious.

Tuesday, June 20: My notes for this day just say “ugh”. I don’t remember how bad that day was, so nothing more.

Friday, June 23: I got to SummerDance for exactly 30 minutes to salsa dance. I find that this is just enough to cheer me up after a long hard week at work.

Saturday, June 24: Gail’s birthday/Jalissa’s graduation party at Gail’s in Oak Park. Imaginea huge table of hot dogs, burgers, and assorted Filipino snacks on a big oval dining room table. Wee half Filipino children scurry about while adults quaff beer and yell at the World Cup, which is on television. There are more people in the backyard, eating cake and talking about the Chicago Fire (the MLS team, not the actual fire).

Sunday, June 25: Sienne and I are in fine faghag form, running alongside the Chicago Department of Health float to throw condoms to the crowd. I don’t get to ride the float so I totally injure myself running around in shoes with poor arch support. I do get a lot of wolf whistles from people of assorted ages, genders, and inclinations. Sadly, none of these folks are straight men. I feel like a superstar, like being famous at your high school for having really big tits or never wearing shoes. After the parade, Sienna and I join Nite and Ramone for drinks at Roscoe’s and Sidetracks, then a quick slice at some random pizza place on Broadway before a long bus ride home.

Tuesday, June 27: Big craziness at work. I stay late, until 11:00 or so, as do a bunch of people. I split a cab home with my boss, who is nice to me, and I finally understand that she has a point when she says I should probably tell her what I’m doing so she doesn’t think I’m a total slacker.

Wednesday, June 28: I don’t stay late but I’m still exhausted. The twins turn 20, but I forget to call them. Why? Because I am a bad sister.

Thursday, June 29: Seu Jorge with Khloe, Khloe’s cute friend Will, Will’s friend Kevin, and a multi-cultural crew of friends who turn out to celebrate their other friend’s birthday. It’s a marvelous time, esp. since people let me eat their leftover manchego and prosciutto.

Friday, June 30: Happy birthday, Olivia! Also, I think this is the night i go see “Nacho Libre” with Andrew, but again, I have to check those notes.

Coming up in the next flip front: July!


Madonna – Holiday; Sister Sledge – Thinking Of You; Paul Weller – Thinking Of You; The Gossip – Listen Up! (A Touch Of Class remix); Nancy Sinatra – As Tears Go By



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