eyes bigger than wallet

I hit the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. I saw so many things I wished to buy, but my eyes were bigger than the wallet. These are the vendors that caught my attention, so check them out and buy something already!

  • Nice Lena: Adorable jewelry like necklaces and earrings made from Japanese Hwatu cards.
  • Danielle Maveal offered fake diamon rings which reminded me of Alissia Melka-Teichroew’s transparent acrylic and silver engagement rings I’ve seen before at Fred Flare and the MOMA store.
  • MM-BC: As described on their website: “Corporate Logos and Guns on Plates.” That’s pretty much it, but nothing quite takes your breath away than to see a platter feating a gun with a corporate logo amidst the cutesy poo floral/feline iPod cases and sacs made from bric-a-brac offered by the area’s finest twee girls one comes to expect from “indie” craft events.
  • DISTRO.Y blogged before the weekend that folks should stop by the booth and invite him out for a beer Saturday night. Which I wish I had known, as I went to Nick’s Beer Garden with Lisa and Molly and had a helluva time. It would have been the least I could do for someone who drove all the way from Boston for the fair. The DISTRO.Y site a number of different brands, though I prefer the house brand best — what could possibly be cuter (and more sinister) than this t-shirt featuring an ASCII Panzer tank?
  • Tennis, anyone? Cards: Adorable, witty cards for any occasion. I joked with Helen and Khloé that they should add cards to their line with such sentiments like “Thanks for not being an asshole” or “I’m sorry I made you feel inadequate about your bedroom skills.”
  • I loved the artists wallets from Poketo, who make beautiful and practical wallets, tees, and bags for people all over the world. I coveted every single wallet I saw at the fair. Gorgeous!
  • Gurelea injected much needed testosterone and humor into an afternoon which otherwise might have been lost to the bland and the twee. Graffiti and hip-hop lived in t-shirts, onesies, and other garments that I would buy for everybody I know. I splurged here and got a “Pooper Trooper” onesie for Andrew and Rozi’s baby, Nathan. Was it the cartoon “Star Wars” storm trooper silkscreened on the front? Was it the fact that the guys at the booth were cute?

They just made me think how awfully White these affairs tend to be — we need more diversity. Is the indie crafts community in Chicago really made up entirely of middle-class White chicks with the occasional Asian for “flava”? Am I biased for wanting to see more ethnic vendors? And most importantly, why was nobody selling food? Ogling crafts and cute boy vendors is tiring work. In all seriousness, I’m probably not doing a great job of searching for vendors of many nations, but am I crazy in thinking that these craft shows are about as segregated as this city is?


~ by Jasmine on September 18, 2006.

3 Responses to “eyes bigger than wallet”

  1. Hey, what have you got against middle-aged white chick crafts vendors?

    You want diversity?

    OK, I’ll set up a booth at the next fair and sell … nothing. Because I’m not one of those crafty bitches.

    That should diversify things nicely. Problem solved. Yay!

  2. They weren’t middle-aged, they were all solidly in their early 20s to early 30s. Lots of hipsters selling bags that looked the same — basic shapes imprinted with cute animals or faux Asian patterns. It was all way too cute and demure in a way that seemed cloying and not interesting. It’s the complaint I have about Bust magazine — it’s not women so much as girls who run the show.

  3. Ok so I googled my own name and found this blog – doesnt everybody? Anyway thanks for the blurb! I wonder if you were the woman with generous cleavage who was quite funny at my booth. A very gay man turned around and looked at your chest with wide eyes and you said “I’m taken.” in a great way?

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