something to think about: N in Harlem

Reading this Times piece about N, a new boutique selling high end goods in New York’s Harlem, I got to thinking about my own gentrified neighborhood here in Chicago.

Like, I can appreciate that there is an outpost of the venerable Scoop chain, never mind that they don’t carry anything larger than a 12, I think. But then there are all those salons on North and Armitage Avenues that look as though the only hair they’ve ever seen is blonde and straight, never mind ethnic.

There aren’t feelings or thoughts that I can articulate especially well now, but I hope to have something on this topic soon. Comment away, gentle readers.


~ by Jasmine on October 5, 2006.

One Response to “something to think about: N in Harlem”

  1. Take some time and head out ot the south side. You’ll find more ethnic flava than you can handle. Not to mention clothes that fit. I have to admitt that Chicago isn’t as diverse as it could be, but just be glad your on wealther side of the spectum. You can spend time with your fellow brown people, get your hair done, hear some good music and then go home to the North side.

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