416: reasons

Below is a list of reasons as to why I haven’t written a flip front since, well, forever. These reasons are also good as to why I haven’t yet turned in recaps of Rome, The Hills, 30 Rock, or The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency to Popculturejunkies.com. Or anything at all to Hungry since March 2006. I am the master procrastinator which, when you think about it, is absolutely nothing to be proud of, but there you are.

  1. My dog ate my homework.
  2. Okay, so I don’t have a dog. My neighbor’s dog ate my homework.
  3. Everything gets lost in my bedroom, and I’ve not been able to find my December notes since I got back from New York three weeks ago.
  4. I was in New York! From December 26 to January 2, I was in New York — visiting the parents, catsitting, eating lots of food, seeing lots of people (pictures).
  5. I was in PhiladelphiA for MLK weekend, visiting Nick and Nadine, hanging out with Sean (who also came for a visit). Also, helping their friends’ team to victory playing Quizzo at The Nodding Head. PS: If anyone asks, the Evergreen State is Washington, *not* Oregon (pictures).
  6. I’ve been at the gym.
  7. Oh, yeah, my sister and her boyfriend have been in town since Thursday (pictures).
  8. I’ve been so obsessed with my new lipstick (MAC Viva Glam VI — it comes with a matching lip glass) that I haven’t had time to do anything else but reapply and figure out which of my blushes go best with it (so far, NARS Lovejoy). Also, the new MAC “Danse” makeup for collection for spring? Fully gorgeous.
  9. I’ve been watching a lot of movies, though I *still* haven’t seen Dreamgirls, Babel, or Pan’s Labyrinth. Also still need to see Thank You For Smoking, Marie Antoinette, The Last King of Scotland, and possibly Blood Diamond. Still undecided on whether or not to see The Good Shepherd or The Departed.
  10. Season 2 of “The Office” on DVD — They’re all amazing, so I can’t pick a favorite, but if you have to watch one, I’d go for E-mail Surveillance, The Secret, Dwight’s Speech, Sexual Harassment, or Girls and Boys.

I promise, to you and to my aforementioned editors, that I will get my thing together and be back in the writing saddle soon. Like within days. Maybe even hours.


PS: Go Bears!


~ by Jasmine on January 22, 2007.

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