from the "PNB New York Branch Survival Guide: Part 4

I stumbled across the guide while researching some stuff on documentation, etc. Lots of the information is useful as well as entertaining. Below is a list of things Filipinos should have in negotiating New York City. Read the rest of Part 4 here.

  • a keen sense of the absurd; a high sense of humor; resilience, spontaneity, stamina; a healthy suspicion of all developmental activity, combined with a commitment to preserving the best of the past without jeopardizing the future; discretion and good manners; a network of caring friends and compatriots; a friendly doorman, mailman, banker; a loyal, responsible contractor, eye doctor, hairdresser, seamstress; an answering machine that takes messages but does not dish out sermons or whimsical entertainment; at least three favorite bookshops; someone to watch over you.
  • the ability to appear to do several things at the same time, forgive but not forget, read everything you can, believe that you can plan your happiness.
  • a love of true grit-the sounds, smells, sensuality of the streets.

~ by Jasmine on February 6, 2007.

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