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I sent away for another copy of my birth certificate last week. When I was submitting my request on the Philippine Census web site, I looked over the list of documents you can request: certificates of birth, death, marriage, and no marriage. The last one threw me: a “CENOMAR” certifies that the person for whom it is issued is not married. According to WeddingsAtWork.com:

A CENOMAR is not a requirement for marriage. It is only essential if you want to be certain that the civil status of the person you are marrying is still single and that he or she is unattached. This may be important since any marriage contracted while another one is still subsisting is considered as null and void under Article 35 (4) of the Family Code of the Philippines for being bigamous.”

I hear that. Nobody wants to hear that their mail-order bride already has a family at home. Though seriously, when I was growing up there were a couple of folks on the block who didn’t let the fact that they had spouses and children back in the PI prevent them from hooking up (even marrying) somebody (usually an American) once they got to the States.

In other news: I had lunch with Jen last week. We went to Townhouse as it was across the street from my office and when it’s 4 below outside, that’s about as far as I will go. The venue was lovely though, being in the glass-walled lobby of a new fancy office building, it was kind of cold next the windows. Brr. The soup, though salty, did well to warm me up. My other lunch date of the week was with Frank. We went to Venice Cafe in the Sears Tower. Located on the first basement level, where the Sbarro used to be, there were big screen televisions showing basketball while Frank and I talked about (what else?) work, apartments, student loans, and the kind of stuff of which only grown-up conversations can consist.

I had a good weekend. My friend Lisa is showing work at the Vespine Gallery in Pilsen. Her reception was Friday night, so Joe, Jacinda, and I stopped by to say hello, drink Champagne out of mismatched glassware, and talk about the unfortunate demise of Anna Nicole Smith.

Yeah, about that: I can’t say that I’m surprised, but I’m still shocked. Poor woman. I can only hope that she is at peace after what ended up being a horrible 2006 for her. But! There is this baby. This baby who may or may not have been fathered by a number of candidates, including (but not limited to): her lawyer, Howard K. Stern; her estranged paramour, photographer Larry Birkhead; Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, Prince Frederc von Anhalt; and finally, late husband J. Howard Marshall, who died in 1995. Now, I don’t know who done it, but I’m pretty sure the question of paternity in this case would make an awesome inspiration for a new edition of the classic board game, Clue.

So after Lisa’s reception — if there were cute boys, they probably arrived after I left with Joe and Jacinda, or they were hiding behind scraggly beards — we went to dinner at Hachi’s Kitchen. I’d never been to Hachi’s before, and it was a treat. There is a sunken lounge where you can drink any number of specialty cocktails (assuming the wine, beer, and sake list hasn’t tempted you) while you wait for your table. The room feels spacious yet intimate — the place was full but you could hear your pals talk as you drank your wine (in my case, the rose). And the prices were reasonable, so I’m going back soon. When I got home, my pleasant friends, sushi, and wine buzz turned into glee as I saw that finally, the new landlord had put in the washer and dryer. I did two loads of laundry before trotting happily off to bed.

I got my eyes checked Saturday, ordered new contacts and glasses, then went home to nap/lounge the afternoon away. I talked to Dad, who’s been in the Philippines for over two weeks, and is only a week away from returning to the States. My brother Patrick, who is with him for his first visit to the Philippines in over twenty years, has become something of a spectacle. Those of you who know Patrick know(s) how he likes to talk, so he tends to pull a crowd whenever he goes out with my parents. I wish they could be back by next weekend so I can pester him with questions when I’m in town for work, but alas I’ll have to wait until next Thursday. Boo!

I kind of burst in on Andrew and Rozi Saturday night. Andrew was sick, but I found myself coming over to hang out anyway, albeit with a small present in hand for the couple. I brought truffles from Vosges, and some samples of chocolate-covered mints from the Altoids pop-up store on Armitage. The store was all deep chocolate and gold paint stamped in elaborate patterns on the walls. Huge racks of postcards bore humorous Valentine’s Day greetings, and you could get coffee or hot chocolate from a cheerful-looking barista. Across the street, the good ladies at Kiehl’s gave me loads of samples for different types of shampoo. I’m determined to find a good non-lathering shampoo for my oily scalp, dry curly haired self. If you have any suggestions, please pass them along. Joe and Jacinda ended up at Andrew and Rozi’s, too, so we got to hung out before we finally let them go to bed. Rozi’s back at work, and she and Andrew planning to hit the car show next weekend if anybody’s interested in tagging along…

J & J and I went to Fernando’s, parking around the corner next to the Pleasure Chest. I seem to remember making a funny joke about it, but I don’t remember the joke. Probably because I was struck dumb by the stuffed donkey standing guard in the entryway. The donkey wore an undignified costume of Mardi Gras beads, straw sombrero, striped blanket, and a tiny wooden saddle. Atop the saddle sat an even tinier Garfield the Cat doll. I felt bad for the donkey, and sought comfort in a frozen strawberry margarita. Also, I don’t remember seeing a Mexican restaurant in Chicago so full of White folks. Maybe this is because I only ever go to Arturo’s for my taco needs, and Frontera Grill for Mexican cuisine. I understand that there are other places to go, like the venerable La Pasadita, but I am sometimes slow, especially when it comes to new places to eat.

I caught the Grammy’s Sunday night, after a fun afternoon of shopping with Kathy. I was kind of disappointed — did Gnarls Barkley really get shut out? Did the right girl really win the chance to duet with Justin Timberlake? — but that joint performance with Corinne Bailey Rae, John Legend, and yes, even John Mayer, was kind of beautiful. Almost to tears, but there was no time for crying — I had laundry to catch up on.

Lily Allen – Alfie; Lily Allen – Knock ‘Em Out; Lily Allen – LDN; AC/DC – Highway to Hell; Black Eyed Peas – Hey Mama; The Cure – In Between Days; Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – The Tracks of My Tears



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  1. I love your beautiful calendar :-)

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