420: conversation hearts

My first year of college, I decided to observe Valentine’s Day by wearing black. The black was meant to be an expression of my disdain for the commercialization of the holiday, and for those couples foolish to let a single day dictate how and when they should express their feelings for each other.

Also, black is very slimming.

I thought I was hot shit, all tough and maybe even a little sexy, until I went to dinner at the dining hall with my compatriots in anti-Valentine’s misery, and saw this guy making fun of my walk. Okay, so my gait was a bit exaggerated, but you try to walk gracefully in a tight skirt with a thigh-length slit whilst wearing 3″ John Fluevog bell platforms. The skirt was cheap, already pilling after a summer, and the sweater was probably about 3″ too short. My lipstick, which most certainly would have been red, was probably too sticky. If anyone had tried to kiss me by the cereal bar, they would gotten a mouthful of Revlon Red Pagoda with their Cap’n Crunch.

For a while all I wanted to wear were my J. Crew Valentine pajamas, but they’re a bit snug these days. I don’t like holiday sweaters, so nothing heart-shaped. This is the one day a year I find that I don’t want to wear pink. I’ve discovered that the thing to wear on Valentine’s Day if you want to avoid uncomfortable questions from nosy co-workers about your love life is a red turtleneck. Anything more and it may just come across as desperate. Anything less and you’ve got a nascent hipster college boy (who, by the way, looked like a Keebler elf — so I’ve heard) making fun of you in a college dining hall.

So today — red cashmere turtleneck sweater (bought for a song at Filene’s Basement). Black pants. Black ballet flats, my indoor shoes for work (black snow boots are stashed under my desk). $1.97 fake pearl studs in ears. MAC Viva Glam VI lipstick on lips. I may put on some eyeliner later before putting on my new glasses to go out to Oysy for sushi with Kathy and Adrienne.

I imagine our dinner at Oysy will be like that scene in “Something New”, where the fab though buttoned-up accountant Kenya and her equally fabulous single girlfriends go for drinks and bemoan the dearth of available, single, straight African-American men. Only we’ll gossip a bit more, perhaps drink some Champagne, talk about real estate and the snow storm and what I should do when I visit L.A. for my birthday.

    jasmine’s kinda sad mix for valentine’s day 2007

  • Billie Holiday, “Don’t Explain”
  • Hall & Oates, “Say It Isn’t So”
  • OK Go, “A Million Ways”
  • Philip Baily, “Easy Lover”
  • Usher, “Caught Up”
  • Gnarls Barkley, “Smiley Faces”
  • Depeche Mode, “Master And Servant”
  • Basement Jaxx feat. Lisa Kekaula, “Good Luck”
  • Sam Cooke, “Cupid”
  • Nina Simone, “I’ve Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good)”
  • Louis Armstrong, “A Kiss To Build A Dream On”
  • Shudder to Think feat. John Doe, “Speed Of Love”

Great poems about sex. (Slate)
“Something In The Way He Moves” (Village Voice)
A history of Valentine’s Day(Wikipedia)


~ by Jasmine on February 14, 2007.

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