what i bought yesterday: Ted Baker ‘Hex’ sandal

I was sad that I missed the week at City Soles when every Ted Baker shoe was 20% off. Though with Chicago and Cook County sales tax, the discount would have been something more like 11-ish%. Which is kinda whatever.

A few weeks pass and I see the sandals are available also at Zappos.com. Cost a few dollars less and what’s this I read — no sales tax? They cost a bit more than I would pay for simple summer sandals, but I go for it anyway. I figure if they don’t work on my feet, then I can return them (free shipping both to and from, BTW). I order them at like, 4:00 Central Monday afternoon and they’re in my hands 1:00 Central Tuesday afternoon. And they’ve not left my feet since.

They fit my wide Fred Flintstone feet comfortably, and they’re way nicer than the usual flip-flops I wear to work in summer. Nothing against the flip-flops in other contexts, like at the beach or at the gym for showering, but the office or a meal at a nice place with an outdoor patrio requires something extra. Also, my friends Josh and Meghann’s wedding in August. Now I just need to find the dress…


~ by Jasmine on May 15, 2007.

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