what i bought last week

I mean, apart from the fabulous Ted Baker ‘Hex’ sandals, which look hot, by the way, thanks for asking.
Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. So what did Jasmine’s Mommy get for Mother’s Day 2007?

  • The FTD® Loving Thoughts Bouquet: This bouquet was the object of some discussion among my co-workers, as we couldn’t figure for sure if Asiatic lilies get stinky as they sit out, or is it another type of lily. Whatevs — Mommy loved them, which is great, as they were an auxiliary present to make up for the following present, which arrived late.
  • Cloth Embroidered Parasol: Mommy loved this. She really did. I almost went for a traditional Japanese paper umbrella, except that a lot of the models I found on the web had Chinese (!) characters written on them. Or they conjured a mental image of my mother stepping through a rice paddy, and I wasn’t too keen on Mommy as random Asian stereotype in the middle of Queens.

Now that Father’s Day is but weeks away, I have to bring it for Pops. He always asks for a baseball cap from my alma mater, as he is forever misplacing the one I would have gotten for him the previous year. If it’s what he wants, I’m not going to argue, but I’m still going to scour the city and the web for more stylish alternatives to a maroon polyester blend baseball cap.


~ by Jasmine on May 23, 2007.

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