what i bought yesterday: Santa Monica Yoga Mat Bag

In the interest of doing better by my saggy, fast food-eating Type II diabetic self, I’m working on, well, working out. The city of Chicago, seemingly aware of this, has all manner of free or low-cost fitness events that are easy to get to on public transit.

One such event is Saturday morning yoga, part of Millennium Park Workouts, which start on Saturday, June 9. That day will find me wandering to the Great Lawn, not struggling under the weight of a yoga mat that refuses to remain rolled-up as I will be hauling it in Crescent Moon’s fabbo Santa Monica Yoga Mat Bag.

Truly, it was some old dead White man who advised that people beware of ventures requiring new clothes. I can guess he was probably thinking about handbags and other accessories as well, but I’m sure he never had to lug anything around town on the 151 bus, did he?

And this bag is versatile — it’s not like cheapie drawstring bags that are still awkward (or sometimes painful — trying to hitch a drawstring over your flabby upper arm is not fun) for getting to and from yoga. There is plenty of room for a magazine or two, wallet, extra shoes, and a zip-pocket for smaller items. Smaller items like the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit you couldn’t quite finish before talking rolled oats with your fellow yoga practitioners? Namasté, my brothers and sisters.


~ by Jasmine on May 24, 2007.

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