what i bought yesterday: alumni weekend pub food special

  • passion iced tea at Starbucks — actually, Sean bought this for me for the trip down to Hyde Park
  • cheeseburger, brat, and large fries at Jimmy’s — lunch for me and Sean. Kevin snagged some fries when he arrived. I also pitched in a few dollars towards a pitcher of Leinie’s Red
  • Yikes! brand University of Chicago t-shirt and baseball cap — from the campus bookstore. I spent about 20 minutes debating sweatshirt options before I decided not to get one. I wanted gray with “University of Chicago” embroidered or sewn-on letters, with a zipper and kangaroo pocket. Alas, nothing was close enough for me to spend upwards of $50.00. Balls! But the t-shirt (mine is gray) and cap (mine is maroon) are loverly.
  • 40 wings at the Pub — afternoon snack shared between me, Jacinda, Sean, Joe, Kevin, and Gabe.
  • Cobb salad and chocolate milkshake at Seven Ten Lanes

~ by Jasmine on June 3, 2007.

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