watch this space

Actually, I have no idea why you’d watch this space. All I know is whenever some blogger posts that message to their own blog, it’s hours of wondering and sweating in anticipation before you find out something truly remarkable like:

  • There is a new Pinkberry in Manhattan (but none in Chicago, where I actually live).
  • Some semi-famous person is not actually pregnant. They’re just out of shape.
  • Someone has been released from jail, only to get sent back a day later.
  • We’re calling the election, and the winner is… the other guy.
  • Second season of critically-adored tv show is out on DVD, only to remind you that said show has been cancelled to make way for a horrible reality show where bikini-clad louts compete for crappy prizes.

That being said, watch this space for more updates on my life, though no explanation on why the flip front is now 3.5 months behind schedule. Dammit.


~ by Jasmine on June 13, 2007.

One Response to “watch this space”

  1. I’ve been to Red Mango (the precursor to Pinkberry) when I was in Seoul and I loved it! I hope we get a Pinkberry soon in Chicago (or a Red Mango, I hear they’re thinking of going international too).

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