Shikago, a new restaurant from the Shikami brothers (they also own Kevin in River North) threw a little pre-opening celebration for the company I work for. Or rather, the large firm that owns the wee company I work for. As my afternoon was looking a bit, well, less full, I allowed myself to be dragged over for free drinks and truly delicious appetizers of the pan-Asian persuasion. Or would that be persu-Asian?

I forgot to take my camera, so no pictures of delicious tasty food. Should you find yourself there for lunch or dinner, I’d recommend the spicy chicken wings, this tuna sorta tartare thing which is served on a homemade potato chip, crab cakes, and this sushi-like thing which was a mixture of beef and some mystery fish that tasted smokey and beautiful.

Actually, just about anything is recommended. This is food I would certainly pay for, so I’m not just gushing because the food was free. Though the free-ness did not hurt.

Note for you Loop workers — in addition to sit-down dining, there will also be a take-out area for those days when a sandwich from Potbelly’s or the orange chicken from Kentucky Fried Panda just won’t cut it.


~ by Jasmine on June 20, 2007.

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