jasmine’s adventures outside

Since my debacle with Comcast, I’ve had to go foraging for Wi-fi. I can’t steal my neighbors’ wi-fi — and anyway their networks are password-protected — so I’m forced to leave my crappy apartment (where there is no television, anyway, just recorded programs on my DVR just begging to be recapped for Recapist.com) and brave the wilderness of Boystown-adjacent Lakeview for a free signal. And when I say “wilderness” I actually mean the Caribou Coffee on the corner.

I hate roughing it. There’s actually a guy outside surfing from a park bench. It’s almost a little too weird because it’s Friday night and people are out having a good time and this fool appears to be… hold on, I have to press my nose up against the window to peek… ooh, a puppy!… he’s checking out MySpace.

It’s like the future envisioned in the early 90’s has finally come true. Let me explain. A chief complaint I had about the use of laptop computers in early 90’s television was that it wasn’t realistic. Business types on telly could not be doing actual work on ancient Thinkpads that weren’t plugged into a power source OR a dial-up modem. Maybe those shows were ahead of their time? They saw the future, and it was wireless. Whatevs — the girl at the next table is on her cell, having a fight with somebody, and I need to get home before she drives me completely crazy.


~ by Jasmine on June 23, 2007.

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