No candy for Jasmine!

It seems like I’ve been buying more candy since I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in early 2005 then before, but I only ever buy it as gifts for other people to consume so I can live vicariously through them. As today is Jacinda and Jalissa’s mother’s (we call her “Ja-Mamma” though her name is Cynthia) birthday and I spent yesterday with the family celebrating July 4th, I got her a great big bag of candy from my favorite store, Walgreen’s:

Reese’s Limited Edition Elvis Cups: Reese’s give their classic peanut butter cups the royal treatment by adding a layer of banana cream and slapping a cartoon Elvis Presley on the package. Just the right hint of banana taste, though I think I would have preferred a peanut butter and banana sandwich (on Wonder bread, of course).

Harry Potter Blood Pops: I didn’t get to taste this, but according to what I’ve read it stains your mouth red. And no, I don’t remember how they figure in the books, which I need to re-read before the last book and movie of book 5 come out.

Lemonheads: A seriously big box which I thought would have, like, a bajillion servings. But as a normal serving is 10 pieces (really? that’s so much), the box had only four. These were a favorite of mine in childhood, and the Ferrara Pan candy company is local, so I must support them.

Hot Tamales: Because Ja-Mamma is a hot tamale, something she will tell you herself. Hee! The package also made reference to a new icy flavor of this cinnamon candy, which sounded appalling to everybody.

Strawberry Twizzlers: A classic, though it is not in the Candy Hall of Fame where it should be. I cry foul!

Dots flip-flops: Not candy, but flip-flops with the Dots candy box pattern on the soles. With clear pink straps, they were adorable! Too bad I got the wrong size, though. D’oh!


~ by Jasmine on July 5, 2007.

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