what i bought yesterday (and Thursday): the Norwegians are up to something

Neutrogena® Energizing Body Wash: Is it a Norwegian thing? How else to explain the wide range of Neutrogena face, hair, and body products available at Nordstorm Rack? This new body wash is my favorite — moisturizing with a lovely citrusy scent, great for waking up my lazy arse in the morning.

Lodis gold leather wallet: It looks a lot like this Kate Spade wallet listed on ebay, but did not cost anywhere near as much. I like the shiny. The wallet is no longer listed on the Lodis site, so I can only guess it dates back to last fall/winter, or even last summer.

Chanel nail polish in Black Satin: Yeah, I know it’s totally summer ’06, but it looks great on me.

Acme Made 5G iPod Wallet: My only complaint is that there is no strap or latch to close this iPod case. Otherwise, I love everything about it, from the Hermès-like orange pebbled leather to the card slots for my Chicago Card.


~ by Jasmine on July 27, 2007.

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