Paris when it… frizzles?

I’m going to Paris in November. Believe me, it’s taking a lot of energy to not go hopping up and down all over the place, squealing “I’m going to Paris! I’m going to Paris!” in a sing-song voice. By the time I go, it will have been fourteen years since I was last in France.

I still have to do the following:

  • get passport
  • get visa
  • book hotel
  • learn French (last time I took French was 8th grade)

In the meantime, my ticket is booked (goodbye frequent flier miles), my seats picked (thank you, SeatGuru), and I am slowly but surely on my wa-ay.


~ by Jasmine on August 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Paris when it… frizzles?”

  1. Felicitations Jasmine! C’est magnifique! (What I remember of my high school french.)

  2. Oh, you will have such a great time! I’m jealous. And I was just there in June.

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