what i bought today

  • plane ticket to CDG for post-Thanksgiving trip: Okay, I didn’t buy this ticket so much as part with 50,000 hard-earned frequent flier miles on United. I’m thinking I can convince somebody like Commander Robot to come with me, as more airlines fly out of JFK and it shouldn’t be hard for him to find a deal.
  • seats on flights to and from Paris: thank you, SeatGuru, for prolonging the fun of planning travel. Who cares if I still need to get a passport, visa, and hotel room, never mind saving up enough money to eat and do shit? I can use SeatGuru to help me figure out which seats to get on my 8 and 9 hour long flights!
  • ten (10) 3″ flower pots from Home Depot: I returned the A/C Support as my window is all stupid and would not let me install properly. Or maybe I should have gotten the bigger size? Whatevs — I was frustrated after three failed attempts at installing left me sweaty and with no a/c in the abode. The Lincoln Park Home Depot doesn’t carry bricks, which is where the flower pots came in. I bought 10, figuring that would be more than enough to stack on the outer sill (unsecured, yes, but I figure the a/c would weigh them down). And guess what? Eight worked perfectly — organized in stacks of 2, they support the part of the a/c that sticks out (what I like to call “the butt”) and now I have a nice and cold apartment. Total cost? $0.56 per pot, so it’s $5.60 plus tax. Actually less, because I only used eight pots. I win!
  • DVD of Roger Michell‘s Persuasion: I will watch happily watch any film or television adaptation of Jane Austen’s work, but this 1995 adaptation of my favorite Jane Austen book is probably the best. I don’t know what it is that pushes it slightly ahead of Ang Lee‘s Sense and Sensibility, which is also wonderful — the natural lighting? The angstiness? Who’d win in a fight — Ciarán Hinds‘s broody, tragic Wentworth or Alan Rickman‘s broody, tragic Brandon?

~ by Jasmine on August 7, 2007.

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