Jennifer Hudson signs on for ‘Sex’ movie role

In her first major role since her Oscar-winning performance in “Dreamgirls,” Jennifer Hudson is joining the cast of “Sex and the City: The Movie.”

The singer and actress, 25, will portray the assistant to Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe-obsessed character Carrie Bradshaw, and is in final negotiations with the movie’s producers about details of her role, Variety is reporting.

Considering the lack of ethnic diversity when it came to casting for ‘Sex and the City’ when it was on the air, I’m pretty excited about this — at least she hasn’t been cast to play Charlotte’s nanny.

Seriously — they probably got some nice Filipino girl to play that role, anyway.

Link: ‘Jennifer Hudson signs on for ‘Sex’ movie role’


~ by Jasmine on September 13, 2007.

One Response to “Jennifer Hudson signs on for ‘Sex’ movie role”

  1. BWAHAHAHAHA you’re reminding me of the time when my son’s speech therapist (a Jew) approved of my choice of a Polish college student for a babysitter for him.

    “They’re wonderful with children,” she said.

    I was thisclose to retorting “I hear your people make great dentists.”

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