visa appointment is made

I just made my visa appointment at the French consulate. It is precisely a month before I leave. Cutting it close? Maybe, though the French consulate site swears it should take no more than two weeks for a visa to be issued. As replacing my passport is supposed to take 30 days, I am cutting it pretty close at every possible turn. Will the excitement never cease?

So what’s left on my list to do/buy/acquire?

  • Passport — application to be submitted 9/21/07. Takes 30 days to get new passport.
  • Visa — appointment for 10/25/07. Takes 15 days to be issued.
  • Lodging — I’ll be booking this next week. I’ve narrowed the field down to a few candidates. I expect to post a list early next week for your feedback. Because goodness forbid I make this decision by myself!

I know you’re asking “But Jasmine! Didn’t you get your ticket in, like, August? Aren’t you doing this backwards?” To which I retort “Bllllllllttttttt!”


~ by Jasmine on September 13, 2007.

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