news from the flip front 425 preview: someday

Things we will be discussing when the flip front returns for real:

  1. How I am truly a jackass when it comes to boys. As in, I looked at the messages in my old “boys” e-mail folder, and they were all messages from guys who were interested in hanging out and/or dating me. And what did I do? Exactly nothing.
  2. How I really need to stop fucking around and start eating well. Because it’s hard to escape your own expanding ass when your studio apartment has more mirrors than anyone should expect and the diabetes is not going to magically go away just because I feel okay most of the time.
  3. Ditto working out.
  4. The random paltry shoe selection at the new Loehmann’s on State Street.
  5. How my Saturday with Nite and Jeff was fucking awesome.
  6. How much I miss talking to you, esp. Hil, who deserves a special prize for being an awesome reader.
  7. How I might possibly be going bald.
  8. How the H&M on Michigan Avenue might be staffed by racists.
  9. How “douche” is my new favorite word.
  10. How I should never doubt the benevolent power of old college classmates as it applies to my writing.
  11. Facebook — my new favorite hobby. Only don’t get carried away with the “Compare People” application because before you know it that app could end up notifying a former crush with whom you shared the second most awkward kiss of your college career that, given the choice between him and Carl Kasell, you would still totally do it with him.
  12. How I ordered 30 Mr. T holiday cards for this season and I might actually have to order more.
  13. How charming and mean I can be.

~ by Jasmine on November 5, 2007.

One Response to “news from the flip front 425 preview: someday”

  1. O My God, “douche” is my new favorite word too. I have a friend who went on a “douche” tirade the other day, and now we can hardly say any other word.

    Don’t tell anyone.

    Your site is cute.


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