things i saw on my walk this morning

  1. two guys drinking Gatorade and smoking cigarettes, sitting on the bench in front of the corner store on Broadway and Melrose
  2. people on their way to shul
  3. piles of gravel near the Belmont entrance to Lake Shore Drive
  4. wet leaves (which is weird because it hasn’t rained recently)
  5. a soccer game in Lincoln Park near Lake Shore Drive and Briar
  6. a mother with her two young sons, sitting quietly on the ground and observing some squirrels
  7. cute bearded guy stretching on one of the fitness apparatuses, this one in the park near Diversey and Lake Shore Drive — he may or may not have smiled at me.
  8. the Winter Market at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
  9. ducks swimming in North Pond
  10. lots of mean wearing lycra biking shorts but not biking
  11. an old lady, riding one of those motorized wheelchairs, walking her dog (she didn’t clean up after him!)
  12. the mail lady across the street from my building

~ by Jasmine on November 10, 2007.

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