this week in Asian: saved by the chong!


So in tonight’s episode of “America’s Next Top Model”, Tyra reveals that the models not eliminated in tonight’s episode will travel to China to continue in the competition.

So how did she tell them? Did she say “Hey, y’all are going to China!” Fuck NO. She had lion dancers come out and dance around, two martial artists comes out with swords, and Tyra herself waved a big-ass fan around. This after a stilted fake-ass conversation with the lion, wherein the lion invites them to China via a number of poses and copious blinking. Did I mention that this week’s guest judge, poor man’s Tim Gunn Neil Hamil of Elite Model Management, and Twiggy had to wave fuschia flags around in the air while this nonsense was going on? And yes, if you listened in the background, there were gongs. GONGS! I half-expected Tyra to give everybody chopsticks and challenge them to style their hair with them. But maybe that’s the next challenge?

I’m trying to remember if ANTM has pulled this kinda shit before. Oh right — contestants in Cycle 4 had an assignment at a Los Angeles animal park where they posed like animals, right before learning they were going to South Africa to complete the season. I mean, ignorance is nothing new on television, especially in reality television, but COME ON, people. If I wanted ethnicity to be painted as broadly and as badly as this, I’d just ride It’s A Small World and be done with it.

[rolls eyes]

Excuse me, I need to go eat some Kentucky Fried Panda now.


~ by Jasmine on November 15, 2007.

4 Responses to “this week in Asian: saved by the chong!”

  1. And let’s not forget Miss J interjecting his own ‘gong’ noise several times.

    Still, how evil to trow the trip in the loser’s face!! They haven’t pulled that one before.

    Also – what up with low-rent Tim Gunn?

  2. I’m just glad Miss J. stuck with the ginormous Afro wig and didn’t replace it with a big ol’ bowl and a pair of chopsticks.

    I have to say, though, announcing the destination before making the cut was genius. And I don’t think it would have worked with anyone else but Ambreal — she was such a good sport. Sad to see her go.

    I liked Neal, but truly he is no Tim Gunn. Thank goodness Project Runway is back!

  3. One of the photo shoot challenges in South Africa was colonial safari tableaux with “native” male models. And the judging set design was riddled with Zulu shields and the like. Never mind that there are no traditional Zulus within hundreds of miles of Cape Town.

    And, less offensively but no less eye-rollingly, Tyra dressed up in a kangaroo costume to deliver the news about Sydney. With the first challenge being to interview people on the beach while using as much Aussie slang as possible. And the video shoot challenge to do a Cover Girl commercial in an Aussie accent.

  4. culture of outrage: Argh! The thing I find frustrating is that I hope that Miss Tyra and the folks of ANTM mean well, but they seem to get confused between portraying a culture and aping it. And then we end up with gongs, “native” male models, and bad Australian accents. I know that cycle 8 had the challenge where the models visit with aboriginal teachers to learn story-telling through dance. I remember thinking that was a great challenge — which is why I’m so disappointed with the China reveal last night.

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