leftovers: Hot Chocolate

So Kathy’s birthday was this week. She wanted to go to dinner at Hot Chocolate, so Adrienne and I took her out last night.

  • pre-dinner cocktails: Champagne
  • to start: spinach salad (me); green salad and potato soup (Kathy)
  • main course: hamburger with fried egg (me); lamb and krema sandwich (Adrienne); macaroni and cheese (Kathy). Note: Adrienne and I split an order of macaroni and cheese
  • dessert: doughnuts with hot fudge and homemade caramel corn (adrienne); shot of coffee and brownie (Kathy); chocolate tart with salt caramel ice cream and pretzel, Mexican chocolate over ice (me)


  1. Hot Chocolate is always a delicious, unpretentious experience. That being said, the yuppie quotient was pretty high last night.
  2. I am beginning to like my Champagne and sparkling wines on the drier side.
  3. The hamburger should always be ordered with the fried egg. There is no other way to have it.
  4. I should have asked for a bit of Adrienne’s lamb, as she said it was delicious.
  5. The Mexican chocolate was great cold, though I missed out on the melted marshmallow. My marshmallow was intact. Delicious, still.

~ by Jasmine on December 1, 2007.

One Response to “leftovers: Hot Chocolate”

  1. I have never heard of the place! I love to drink Hot Chocolate though.

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