Advent Day 3: Smartwool® socks

Socks are, by their very nature, not sexy. Forget those fools who fantasize about schoolgirls — socks, when compared to a pair of silk stockings or even opaque tights, are down there on the sexy footwear ladder. If you can’t be sexy, then you can at least be indispensible, which is where Smartwool® comes in.

Other socks may keep your feet warm and dry and supported, but I don’t believe they do it as well as Smartwool® socks do. They come in different heights and weights for all manner of activity, from running to hiking to just goofing around. They even vary in the amount of support they offer which for a flat-footed person like myself is a miracle. I am thinking about possibly trying to convert my entire wardrobe to Smartwool® as soon as I can afford it.


~ by Jasmine on December 3, 2007.

One Response to “Advent Day 3: Smartwool® socks”

  1. i love these socks. i am frustrated as hell this winter because i have a drawer full of them and they all have holes.

    (i may also do the thing with the whole wardrobe.)

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