Advent day 7: Plan Toys Toaster

Since when does anything from Barney’s cost $25? I only ever go there to buy makeup and get loads of samples from the Kiehl’s counter, as everything else outside of the cosmetics department tends to veer closer to the three digits, price-wise. I never knew their offerings for children were so diverse, both in style and in price.

While I’d love to get this totally gorgeous Amber Hagen Cashmere Blanket for my pregnant friend Jacinda, I know I’d be like “Dammit, I don’t even have a cashmere blanket, and I have a job!” The matching Amber Hagen Cashmere Hoodie is just as cozy and adorable, but again, the selfish girl in me is all “That baby will wear flannel and like it.”

I think i’ll stay away from apparel altogether, and give the kid the Plan Toys Toaster when it’s old enough to appreciate kitchen gadgets. Also, it’s $25, and I can take my leftover cash and spend it on, say, cashmere socks for meeeeeee.


~ by Jasmine on December 7, 2007.

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