Advent day 9: YakTrax

Holy balls, was it gross on Sunday. Overnight rain froze so that making my way to the Rudolph Ramble was difficult. But not impossible. I showed up having forgotten my race bib, so I couldn’t even check my bag. No matter, though, as it wasn’t super heavy. And at least I wasn’t walking alone — Megan and her fiancé Garrett came in from the suburbs to keep me company.

We tried, valiantly, to finish the 5k (shortened from 8k due to ice and construction on the path in Lincoln Park), but refused to much farther than the underpass near the Zoo when heading south. We were provided with entertainment, though, as we watched the runners slip and stumble on this one slick patch near Belmont Harbor. Nobody looked seriously injured, though I wondered:

  1. Why was there no salt on the route? I understand that the Park District might not be able to do the whole park when there’s a whole city of big streets to attend to. But what about the organizers? They couldn’t run to Menard’s to invest in some bags of salt for the route?
  2. Why were none of the runners wearing crampons or snowshoes? Is it considered wimping out if you prepare for inclement weather by making sure you don’t fall on your ass?

Whatever. My fat ass is adding YakTrax Pro to the Christmas list. They’re light, flexible, and provide comprehensive traction. At least, that’s what their website says. If for some reason they don’t, I’m chucking all of my foul weather footwear and investing in a sled and a pack of dogs to pull it.


~ by Jasmine on December 9, 2007.

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