Advent day 12: lap of luxury

I live in a studio, as you already know, and so I don’t have an office for my writing/blogging/reading needs. I don’t even have a living room, just a single room with a wee kitchen off to the side and a separate bathroom. Instead of a couch, I sit cross-legged on a corner of my bed or in an armchair from Ikea that I bought secondhand this summer for $60. Either way, I have to prop my MacBook on my lap, where it burns (how it burns) when it starts working hard to keep up with my genius.

So I need a desk-like contraption that can sit on or just above my lap so I can type away without singing my expanding thighs while I expound on whatever it is I like to write about. I’d love to make my own, as described by Ikea Hacker, but I tend to get nervous around saws and big knives. This aluminum laptop desk from ThinkGeek is adjustible, but lacks style. Instead, this CB2 bed tray may just do the trick: it’s heat-proof, it’s inexpensive, and it’s sleek without looking insignificant.


~ by Jasmine on December 12, 2007.

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