listing: gift guide breakdown, stacking cup shakeup

  • Slate parses magazine gift guides so you don’t have to. Alas, Time Out Chicago’s guide (to which I contributed a piece — yes, I know you know this already but I will not stop plugging away!) doesn’t make the list but, thankfully, Maxim’s does. [Slate via Consumerist]
  • My pal Rozi is looking for these stacking cups for her baby son. I found some candidates — she liked the Guidecraft Stack’N Sort Cups. Will this lead baby Nathan to a career as a competitive speed stacker? One can only hope. [Everything Furniture]
  • Today is the birthday of two friends of mine, Maria and Nate. Though I’ve known both for years, it still escapes me what would make good presents for the two of them. Though one lives in Manhattan and one lives in Santa Monica, I know they both enjoy snowboarding. If I were a pimp, I’d buy them lift tickets at the ski resort of their choosing. Alas, I am not, so it’s Single Use Heaters (fourth item down) for keeping their hands warm while they’re shredding on the slopes. [NYM]

~ by Jasmine on December 13, 2007.

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