this week in Asian: good makeup, bad names

Lola Cosmetics Geisha Glow Highlighting Powder: Don’t know if this is the doing of the manufacturer or, but did we really need this in the product description: “the Orient’s most prized natural elements including rice, cotton and green tea”? Are we still referring to Asia as “the Orient”? What would the late Edward Said have to say about this? And when I think of traditional geisha makeup, I think of the severe black brows, bright red lips, and snow white foundation — nothing especially glowy about that, but maybe I’m resorting to stereotype, too? []

Lancôme Khôl Oriental Duo Eyeliner: Again, where do they get this copy? And I read: “Two liners in one, this ‘chop stick’ shaped khôl is meant to feel like a precious object, as it resembles a cigarette holder or a hair ornament.” This only reminds me of how annoyed (perhaps irrationally so) when I see ladies wearing chopsticks in their hair as “orientnamentation”. I still feel, though, that this shit will look hot on me, so I’m adding it to my wish list for my birthday. []


~ by Jasmine on December 20, 2007.

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