Lent > day 10 > Mass

I’ve actually been doing well with the “no meat except fish” thing. Except that Thursday I had some mini-burgers for a co-worker’s goodbye lunch. I couldn’t help — I have a weakness for food in miniature. Chomp chomp — it was yummy.

I had dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab — OMFG, it was delicious. I may go back and just do sides. Jennie’s Potatoes. Fried asparagus. Maybe get the fried green tomatoes, which I didn’t order last night. Mashed sweet potatoes!

Oh, and I very nearly lost my wallet (containing my green card — cringe) today. I found it lying in the street after I’d put it on the roof of Adrienne’s car, which was parked on a quiet side street in Wicker Park. Kathy came along as we retraced our steps, and was there to admonish me (if only slightly) when I found it, lying in the spot, undisturbed. It wasn’t even wet or covered in dirty snow. Kathy told me to go to church, and thank Jebus, and I think that’s a fantastic idea.


~ by Jasmine on February 16, 2008.

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