this week in Asian: babes

BABEWATCH: Jake Shimabukuro: Cute guy from Hawaii who rocks the ukelele? Cites George Harrison as one of his heroes? I’m assuming the line to date Jake forms here, right? Lucky for me, Jake is playing Chicago in April, so I’ll get a chance to hear him play in person. [Disgrasian™]

Eddie Shin in BBC3’s Phoo Action: I went to college with Eddie (go Maroons!) though I don’t think we ever crossed paths. I’d see him on TV (Gilmore Girls, That 80’s Show, and Pushing Daisies, among others) and be like “Damn he’s fine! And talented. But more importantly, fine.” So now’s he’s starring in what looks like a crazy (it’s based on a Jamie Hewlett comic, after all) show on BBC3. Can’t wait for it to come to the states. [BBC3 via Angry Asian Man]

Cashmere Mafia recap: “Yours, Mine, and Hers”: Last week’s episode was on track to being semi-good until the scene in the massage parlor staffed by mute Asian girls. What. The. Fuck. [Recapist]


~ by Jasmine on February 19, 2008.

One Response to “this week in Asian: babes”

  1. I first met Eddie in high school when we were in nerd camp (along with Marshall) together at Northwestern. I also had a civ section with him – I remember sitting next to him and thinking he smelled really good. His brother also hit on me once – I invited him over to watch When Harry Met Sally – how was I supposed to know that meant I liked him (which I didn’t)?

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