stuck at ORD

2:24 PM: We’re boarding in, like, six minutes. Oh, and I totally got work done: I recapped last night’s ep of Cashmere Mafia. Read it here! Leave comments!

11:52 AM: Am now at C27, gate for flight. There were some seriously fussy guys at B10. Not sure why they were fussy. Don’t care.

This wi-fi access is well worth the $6.95. I could use an outlet to plug in my MacBook, though. The mini-desks for people with laptops were all taken by middle-aged laptop-less individuals yakking away on their cell phones.

Looked at that last sentence and thought that I am totally beginning to sound just like Adrian Mole. As Adrian would say, “Just my luck!”

10:20 AM: So I thought I’d try to be slick and see if I could get onto the 9:45 to YVR as a standby. Had I actually remembered to bring my passport to work yesterday, I could have checked in and printed my boarding pass then (I don’t own a printer). Shoot, I could have even gone to Screenz last night when I got home to check in and pay a few cents for the printout. But I didn’t.

So I foolishly took my chances by showing up at ORD this morning around 8:40. Because the folks in front of me were incapable of following directions — yes, I know those self check-in kiosks are deceptively difficult to comprehend sometimes — I didn’t check in until 9:01. Officially too late to check in for the 9:45, standby or not.

So I got some McDonald’s (my Lenten vow to give up meat having flown out the window last weekend), paid for airport wi-fi ($6.95 for the day!), and am going to try to get some work done. If I can fly out of here at 3:00 having watched and then recapped last night’s episode of Cashmere Mafia, then this all might have been worth it.

If anyone wants me, I’m at gate B10, reeling from the smell of honey mustard — some girl ate a hot sandwich slathered in the stuff. At 10 in the morning.


~ by Jasmine on February 21, 2008.

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