through a screen, darkly

Patrick & I talk about last night’s “Top Chef”:

[13:25] Patrick: apparently rocco dispirito is going out with babyface edmonds ex wife
[13:25] Jasmine: She’s gorgeous, though she has questionable taste in men.
[13:26] Jasmine: I mean, she’s the woman who didn’t marry Eddie Murphy on Fiji or whatever
[13:26] Patrick: she went to stanford?
[13:26] Jasmine: I know, right?
[13:30] Patrick: rocco is quesitonable
[13:30] Patrick: ?
[13:30] Patrick: dude i thought he was gay
[13:30] Patrick: also apparently hes 43
[13:31] Jasmine: really? he looks good for 43, though i’ve heard he may have gotten some work on the face since last season of top chef
[13:31] Patrick: bwhahaha
[13:31] Jasmine: not that i care, i’m just saying botox is not just for ladies anymore
[13:31] Patrick: no wonder bourdain is on his case
[13:31] Jasmine: he must be such an easy target for Tony
[13:32] Jasmine: though Tony is sometimes a caricature of himself
[13:42] Patrick: i suppose i know why people like to appear on tv
[13:42] Patrick: makes em more money and fame
[13:42] Patrick: so bourdain is a reality whore
[13:42] Patrick: not so much like real world/road rules challenge level
[13:42] Jasmine: yeah
[13:43] Patrick: i wish i was a reality whore!
[13:43] Jasmine: Really?
[13:43] Jasmine: I’d want to be a Tim Gunn-like figure
[13:45] Patrick: well not like RR/RW way
[13:45] Patrick: more like i just appear on crap
[13:47] Jasmine: You mean like when Homer bowled that perfect game, and for a week he’d show up everywhere in his special jacket and ask “Did somebody say ‘the perfect game'”?
[13:47] Patrick: pretty much
[13:48] Patrick: i would say that or ask which one of you bitches is my mother
[13:48] Jasmine: bwahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
[13:49] Patrick: and i get paaaaaaaaaaaaid


~ by Jasmine on March 13, 2008.

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