this week in Asian: lemon swirl

Update: Eric of Giant Robot has a blog. There are pretty pictures of blossoms — go look! []

HappySlip goes to the Philippines! Which makes sense, as the Philippines DOT just made her an ambassador for the Philippines. [HappySlip]

Cashmere Mafia gets cancelled. Of course, the news is broken by the gays. Thank you, gays! [GenQ]

Christine and I saw the Magnetic Fields Friday night at Old Town. It was awesome. And hilarious, too, because the place was just lousy with emo white boy/Asian girl couplings. Christine got a snap of this dude who literally could not stop erotically massaging his girlfriend’s head. Granted, her hair was beatiful, but come on. There are other people present! [supafly’s Flickr stream]

I went back to Crisp this weekend. I had an order of wings with the Seoul Sassy sauce and a side of o-rings. Yummy as a motherfucker. [Flickr, Flickr, Crisp]


~ by Jasmine on March 16, 2008.

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